Our Team

Hello Peterborough!!! My name is Robert, and I am the general manager at Sparq Retail. As a creature of habit, I often can’t help myself and tend to gravitate toward cultivars that have food-based lineage – think cookies, cakes, and doughs… Yum! A graduate of Trent University, and a lifelong resident of our wonderful community, my wife and I are proud to call Peterborough our home. Whether you are a familiar face or a first-time customer, I look forward to earning your business and building long term relationships within the community.





Self-proclaimed Chronnoisseur by day, family man by night. I am a proud father of two crazy kids under two, which could not be done without the help of my incredible wife. The energy and passion that is required to parent is the exact same energy that I put into my work every day. I have lived across Canada, and while in British Columbia, I found a tiny little island called Salt Spring Island. Living here taught me an incredible amount about cannabis and its various uses. Despite all of the places that I have called home, somehow, I have always managed to make my way back to Peterborough. I am committed to providing exemplary customer service with a friendly (masked) smile and ultimately aim to have my client’s needs satisfied and expectations exceeded. I will always be around to answer any inquiries, provide an information session, or just hang out for a friendly chat.

Hey everyone! My name is Magda and I am part of the marketing team at Sparq Retail. I graduated from Trent University in 2014 with a bachelor’s honours degree in Biology and after spending some time travelling and teaching overseas, I’ve returned to the Peterborough area and called it my home. I am passionate about the cannabis industry as it has helped me cope with a lot of my daily anxiety in a natural way; I’ve come to learn that my favorite strain is Strawberry Banana but I also really enjoy dabing terpene rich concentrates. When not at work I enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors with my family, going to the gym, baking, and cuddling up with my dog while reading some Stephen King. I hope to continue to grow with the company and I cannot wait until we open up all our locations and provide everyone with an amazing cannabis experience!





Hi friends! My name is Erin and I am a budtender at Sparq Retail. I am an old soul who loves dried flower and absolutely love the ritual of rolling and smoking joints.
My favourite legacy strain is Mimosa (so yum), and my favourite product on the market right now is anything by Msiku! When I’m not recommending strains, edibles & other consumption methods you can find me hanging out with my dog, binge-watching TV shows with my boyfriend, working out or reading. I am passionate about health and wellness and am currently studying in the FHP program at Fleming College.
As an Ottawa-valley native who has made Peterborough home, I cannot wait to welcome you to our store and help guide you on your cannabis journey!

Born and raised in Peterborough, I attended Trent University to stay local. I graduated in 2020 with a joint major honors in environmental science and biology (with a specialization in animal ethnology)! I have always loved everything about nature from animals to plants, and find the anatomy and growth of cannabis extremely fascinating. In my spare time I enjoy smoking sativas and going out birding. I usually save the indica strains for playing Zelda on my Nintendo Switch. As an extremely creative and crafty person, I love the inspiration I get after smoking haze strains; I find these great for the days when I want to kick back and paint or macrame. I look forward to growing with Sparq, and hope to decrease the negative stigma regarding marijuana use with: education, quality product, and also provide customer service with a smile!





Originally from Pickering but moved to Peterborough for school and work. I studied Child and Youth Care for a few years in College, specializing in special needs individuals. I was later diagnosed with a genetic heart condition called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy; doctors recommended it was best to change my career path. I chose the cannabis industry because the products are completely natural and it helps me on a daily basis to stay relaxed, calm and happy. My favorite strain for daytime use is Blue Dream for its calming effects but also because of the delicious sweet and citrusy flavor it holds. I love Redecan Redees 10 pack of pre-rolls, especially God Bud. They’re the perfect size so that you don’t have to stand outside in the cold for a long period of time but also easy to share and give away as a nice gesture towards family and friends. I’m constantly buying The Dreamer bath bomb by Eve & Co and the Night Shift Ylang-Ylang Charcoal bath salts; they do wonders not only for your skin but also for your muscles after a long stressful day. In my spare time, you’ll find me riding around town on my motorcycle, getting an ATV covered in mud riding through trails or relaxing at home playing games like Fortnite or Call of Duty. I also love to spend time with my two rescued cats, Chandler and Monica.

Hello everyone! My name is Paul and I am new to the cannabis industry. I have a wealth of prior experience in the world of banking, but I am excited to join and learn about the world of cannabis. For those of you that have tried our delivery service, you probably recognize me, during the lockdown we open our doors and I have been delivering your orders throughout the week. I look forwarded to meeting everyone while out and about and if you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!





Hi Peterborough, Alex here!
I’m part of the team of budtenders you’ll find ready to help you at Sparq on Charlotte. As a cannabis consumer myself a career in this industry just makes sense for me, & to watch it develop in my hometown is a dream I wouldn’t have believed 5 years ago! I can’t wait to see how the Sparq community grows as we help you to navigate all of the great products and different options to consume cannabis available in today’s market. I’m a dried flower girl personally who’s always been partial to cheesy or citrusy strains, but I can never seem to resist trying anything different or new to me either 🙂.
Fave Sativa pastimes – arts & crafts, bbqs, video games
Fave Indica pastimes – a bath & good tunes, movies, bedtime

I actually grew up in Brampton, relocated to Collingwood, but now I’ve been in Peterborough for the last year and I really love the community! I’ve been a cannabis consumer for most of my adult life and really enjoy trying out different strains and profiles. I prefer a nice lemony sativa during the day when I want to be productive, and I’ll go for a nice kush or maybe a white shark or rhino when it’s time to relax. I’m really looking forward to helping our customers discover great buds and experiences!