Sparq Millbrook

We are excited to announce our upcoming Millbrook location!

Welcome to Sparq, Millbrook! Enjoy our bright, warm and welcoming new shop located in the heart of Millbrook. 

This large open space is warm, bright and welcoming. We hope that everyone that comes through our door feels cared for and comfortable! 

Always rooted in education, our budtenders are here to answer all your questions, and guide you through finding the right products for you.


Sparq Retail Cannabis Dispensary (Millbrook)

40 King St E #4, Millbrook, ON L0A 1G0

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Opening Winter 2023!

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Learn more about our products and the strict standards we follow in accordance with Health Canada.

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NEW Vertical Drop - Sherbert Glue

Vertical's new strain just dropped! This kushy hybrid has the genetics from GG#4 and Sherbert Dabs. 

Dense, sticky, and affordable!