Dried Cannabis Flower

Dried cannabis flower is available in quantities ranging from 1 gram up to 30 gram packages. We offer a variety of the most popular cannabis strains from top licensed producers. For the most current inventory, visit our online store.

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Our Dried Cannabis Flower Products


Dried Cannabis Flower

Dried cannabis flower is likely the most known form of legal recreational cannabis products. In Ontario, consumers can select from a variety of cannabis strains with differing potencies from a range of licensed producers. Consumers are legally permitted to purchase up to 30 grams of dried cannabis flower per transaction.


Pre-Milled Cannabis Flower

Pre-milled flower is cannabis flower that has been dried and milled (ground) by a licensed producer. Strains and potencies vary with producers sometimes changing the strains that they include in their milled cannabis offerings.


Pre-Rolled Joints

Pre rolls, or pre rolled joints, are available for purchase in the legal recreational cannabis market. They are offered as they are a convenient alternative for those who have conditions that may limit their ability to roll their own. Available in different sizes – often 0.5 or 1 gram sizes, consumers can purchase single pre-rolls or multi-packs.

Products Used With Dried Cannabis Flower


Hemp Wick

Hemp wick is an alternative way to light your cannabis product (bong, hand pipe, pre-rolled joint etc) to butane lighters. Simply light the end of the wick and enjoy your session! To see our current selection of hemp wick visit our store here.


Waterpipes (Bongs)

Bongs are a familiar method of consuming cannabis product for many. There is at least one chamber that can be filled with water, usually in the base, with some having additional chambers containing percolators for further diffusion. Bongs are typically made of glass, silicone or acrylic and vary widely in both size shape and colour. To browse our current selection of curated water pipes and bongs visit our store here.


Hand pipes & Bubblers

Hand pipes bubblers are a compact way for consumers to smoke their dried cannabis flower. Hand pipes usually contain no water, and some have a carb hole (small hole that can be covered and uncovered to regulate air flow). Bubblers are very similar to hand pipes, but they contain a small amount of water. Both hand pipes and bubblers come in many different sizes, shapes and colours. To view a current selection of our hand pipes, our online store can be visited here.


Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers are intended for use with dried, ground cannabis flower. Some vaporizers intended for concentrates have attachments available that make them compatible with dried cannabis. Vaping produces a vapour cloud and occurs below the threshold for combustion. Many vaporizers allow the user to select their desired temperature and can change the density and flavour of the vapour.


Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are arguably one of the oldest ways to consume dried cannabis flower. With some sources claiming that newspapers were used as rolling papers as early as the 1600s, rolling papers have remained a common way to smoke dried cannabis. Now, consumers have the option to select from a variety of brands and sizes. For ease of use, pre rolled cone papers are also available to consumers. At Sparq Retail we offer a variety of rolling papers, pre rolled cones and filters. Visit our online store to order yours today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dried Cannabis Flower?

Dried flower comes from the cannabis plant and is harvested, cured and trimmed by licensed producers in preparation for sale. Available in flower or pre-milled form dried flower is typically smoke, vaporized, or further processed into edibles. Potency varies widely and dried cannabis flower is available with carrying levels of THC and CBD.

Why Can The THC And CBD Levels Vary For Dried Flower??

Recreational dried cannabis products are advertised with a THC or CBD range. This is because, due to the nature of growing a plant and the inherent variances between plants, grows, and conditions, not every batch will yield the same THC or CBD levels. Licensed producers provide these ranges to allow for these variances between cannabinoids.

Who Can Use Dried Cannabis Flower?

In Ontario legal recreational cannabis products are permitted for use by persons aged 19 and above.

What Is The Best Way To Store Dried Cannabis Flower?

The best way to preserve freshness and flavour is to store dry cannabis out of direct sunlight in a sealed container. Many consumers opt for coloured glass jars, or storing their jars in an area out of the sunlight and out of reach of children.

My Cannabis Flower Is Too Dry, What Can I Do?

The easiest way to bring back moisture to your dried cannabis product is to introduce a 2-way humidity packet to your storage container. These products will regulate the humidity in the container in an attempt to maintain a pre-defined humidity level (62% for example). To browse our current selection of 2-way humidity control packs, visit our online store.

Sparq Retail Dried Cannabis


At Sparq Retail we are passionate about cannabis. We believe strongly in offering an educational experience, and an experience where the consumer is empowered to explore what is available to them in the recreational cannabis market. To ensure this, our staff remains up to date with the latest available cannabis education and training.


At Sparq Retail we understand that not every consumer has preference for the same characteristics in their dried cannabis flower. With so many different strains available, we aim to offer a curated selection that is responsive to current consumer demands and market trends.

Our Difference

Sparq Retail aims to offer a safe, inclusive educational experience in recreational cannabis. Our staff work to remain current on the latest dried cannabis offerings, trends and available complimentary accessories. We offer our customers a curated selection of cannabis accessories and dried cannabis flower.

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