What We Carry

At Sparq Retail we aim to offer a full range of complimentary cannabis accessories. Whether it be for storage, cleaning or consumption we carry a selection that is sure to be something for everyone. We are an authorized distributor of both HOSS glass products and RAW rolling papers and supplies. Check out our online store for current inventory, specials and promotions.

Our History

Founded in 2020, Sparq Retail was created to address underserved segment of the marketplace. Sparq offers an educational experience where the consumer can not only shop for recreational cannabis products but also explore available accessories that may be complementary to their cannabis product of choice.

Who Can Use These Accessories?

As with all recreational cannabis products, and in accordance with government legislation, our  cannabis accessories are intended to be purchased by customers who are age 19 or older.

Sparq Retail | Accessories

Water Pipes

At Sparq Retail we offer a selection of waterpipes (also known as bongs) of varying designs, bubblers and hand pipes. We are always looking for new, interesting designs. Check our current inventory for specials, new stock and more!

Rolling Supplies

Carrying a variety of rolling papers and pre-rolled cones is important. Not everyone likes the same style or brand of rolling paper, and at Sparq Retail, we understand that! We offer a variety  of brands such as RAW, OCB, Irie, Elements, Pure Hemp, DLX, Gizeh, and our own Sparq unbleached hemp rolling papers. For our current selection check out our web store ‌‌here‌.


To complement the current OCS offering of pre-filled vaporizer cartridges we offer a full line of vaporizers that will accept a prefilled cartridge and are perfect for use on the go. For consumers who prefer to vaporize dried flower or concentrates, we offer concentrate and flower specific models by brands such as Yocan, Puffco, and Xvape. Check out our current vaporizer accessory selection here.

Why Sparq Retail?

Knowledgeable, Experienced Staff

Our staff takes pride in staying abreast of the current trends in the accessory marketplace. We are always looking for new offerings for our customers, and we remain in constant contact with our accessory providers to ensure that we have the latest information for each product that we offer.


With experience comes confidence. Members of our staff boast backgrounds that equip them with extensive knowledge and experience using various cannabis related accessories. Whether it is alternative ways to utilize an accessory, complementary devices, or switching to a different consumption method (such as vaporizing), our staff has the confidence to recommend accessories that will ensure our clients have an enjoyable experience.

Related Products

Cleaning Solutions

We offer a range of cleaning solutions ranging from Resolution glass cleaner kits to familiar favourites such as Purple Power and Orange Chronic. Our staff is happy to show clients the cleaners that are available and can recommend a cleaner based on your individual needs and requirements.

Digital Scales

Digital scales are a staple in any cannabis enthusiast’s toolkit. Whether it be to monitor personal consumption, pre portion cannabis products, or assisting with making edibles – they serve many different purposes.

Why Deal With Us ?

Curated Selection

We take pride in our accessory selection. We search high and low in order to bring our customers a fantastic selection of accessories from trusted brands.


Our staff understands that among the thousands of cannabis accessories available, not all are made equal. Not every accessory uses the same high-quality materials, and some may fail to meet a consumer’s expectations. At Sparq Retail we recognize this, and it is for this very reason that our staff boasts a wide range of experience with cannabis accessories. We want to make sure that you purchase the right accessory for you, the first time.


If you are looking for a specific cannabis accessory – just ask! If we do not have it in stock, it would be our pleasure to your desired accessory to our wish-list! Once we place an accessory order, you will be notified with an ETA of when your item will arrive.

Final Words

Sparq Retail aims to be your community cannabis store. Our motto, cultivating a new experience, holds true across all facets of our business, including our accessory portfolio. We welcome our clients into our store to ask questions, seek advice, tips on using an accessory, or even just to talk about the latest offerings that are available in the cannabis accessory market.

If you are looking for a less than typical experience, in a welcoming, educational atmosphere, stop by our store today. We are excited to meet you!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Best Way To Clean My Glass Accessories?

To clean a glass cannabis accessory, there truly is no ‘one size fits all’ prescription. A clean glass piece offers a better taste and more efficient operation. There are many glass accessory cleaners available to consumers in the marketplace today. Many are solvent based (commonly isopropyl alcohol or acetone) and some are toxin and solvent free

It is important to keep glass bongs and pipes clean as mold and mildew can begin to form if left for too long. Remember, keeping a glass accessory clean is much easier when done regularly. For more information, check out the Ontario Cannabis Store’s article on how to clean your bong here.

2. How Can I Taste More Of The Terpenes Found In Cannabis?

To truly experience the full flavour profiles of their cannabis product – whether it be extracts or dried flower, many experienced cannabis consumers will opt to vaporize their product. Vaporization is a process where the cannabis product is heated to a pre-defined temperature range that allows for the cannabinoids to be heated where they become a vapour. Because no combustion occurs, the user is not ‘smoking’ the product thus preserving the flavours.

Alternatively, for those who wish to smoke their product, we recommend a good cleaning for all glass bongs/waterpipes and handheld pipes.

3. Is There A Temperature That Is Best To Operate A Vaporizer At?

For users who wish to vaporize their cannabis, there is truly no one best temperature. Combustion typically occurs at around 235°C Because each vaporizer (and consumer) is different, it is typically recommended to keep vaporizer temperatures between 160°C and 200°C.

What are CBD Products Used For?

Cannabis customers are gobbling up the new edible products introduced this week in Ontario’s legal pot shops. Stores are selling out of the pot-laced gummies, cookies and chocolates — as well as new vape and tea products — as soon as they hit the shelves, several proprietors say. “They are going very, very quickly,” says Lana Paraskevopoulos,

Where Do I Even Begin?

Cannabis customers are gobbling up the new edible products introduced this week in Ontario’s legal pot shops. Stores are selling out of the pot-laced gummies, cookies and chocolates — as well as new vape and tea products — as soon as they hit the shelves, several proprietors say. “They are going very, very quickly,” says Lana Paraskevopoulos,